We believe every child should have someone to help them unlock their potential, but for an entire school, it will take a village.

Many children face a tidal wave of obstacles and are disconnected from those with the power to help. Systemic inequities, poverty, hunger, illiteracy and fragmented families isolate children, cutting them off from their vibrant futures. In the face of this challenge, we must stand together!


Love Our Schools facilitates the engagement between local leaders and "community champions" from across districts, schools, students and their families, faith organizations, businesses and government to form whole villages to support the needs of their local schools.

This collaborative model is counterintuitive to most institutions and the complexity of family and community engagement can be overwhelming. While the same children and families are present in local businesses, schools and faith organizations, these networks tend to work independently and struggle to have enough resources individually to truly drive systemic change.

The village model, as simple as it is, is foundational to student, school and community transformation. It is rooted in collaboration, shared vision, shared goals and it is where everyone matters, and everyone wins. Love Our Schools brings everyone to the same table to listen, learn, share and plan.